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Baby Mariah 1-15-10

I lost my baby angel Mariah a week and a half ago.....she was born three months early and only survived less than 2 hours.....I am so lost......All I do is sleep (thanks to meds.) and cry......
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. I lost my son in Oct. of 08 at almost 5 months so I feel your pain. The grieving process takes time, it's something you need to do. I know right now that you feel like your never going to get through this, but I promise, you will. I'm sending you prayers and strength and if you ever need to talk you can message me anytime.                          Lori
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We are all here if you need to talk....... I am so sorry for your loss.
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Sweet Angel Maria, we love you so! Please look after your Mommy and Daddy and let them know that you are always watching!

I am so very sorry! I am here if you need me!

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I have too lost.  My son Cooper was born 10/7/08 and my son Brian was born 12/8/09 everyday is a struggle but I di get through them, some days are better than others and I too only sleep with meds..  Both boys were perfect just early.  My journey is over but my journey to heal and help others has just begun.  I will pray(God and I are back on speaking terms at least for today).  I will pary he will bring you some kind of comfort.  If I can do anything don;t hesitate to ask..  
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you are in my thoughts and prayers u will never forget your little angel but the pain will get better but never go away.... if you need ne thing i am here i know this is hard and prolly one of the hardest days of your life was that day but good luck and just know that that your angel is with god and is looking down on you!
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I am so sorry for your lost, I also lost my lil boy wen I was 30+5days in October 2009. the pain never gose away . me and my partner always talk about our lil boy has it helps us both cope with the pain we have been through. has our lil boy was our first baby 2gether . and has I know my lil angel is watching over his mummy & daddy , Im sure your lil angel is watching over you
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