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Cervical Instability C1-C2

Has anyone here had instability at C1-C2 due to the ligaments being over stretched from a accident or fall, etc. What tests did you have done to diagnose/confirm the stretched ligaments at C1-C2.?  Did you have surgery to stabilize C1-C2?

Thank you for responding.
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Hi I know this is an issue for those with Chiari malformation and for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

U may want to be checked to rule these out...cerviocranial instability causes pain,dizziness, and makes it diff to hold ur head up. Our heads tend to bobble so a car ride can leave us very nauseated, and with a HA.

There is a surgery for a fusion I was told I should have, to date I have not had it.


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Have you received any information regarding your post about C1-C2 instability due to injury and the ligaments being over stretched?   I had a horseback riding accident 3 yrs ago and have been having problems that cannot be diagnosed.   I have had 2 MRI's and was told I have a Chiari 1 malformation but but 2 surgeons said I do not.   I have visual disturbances, irregular heart beats, ear pressure, neck pain and headaches.  All of my tests have been non-conclusive.
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I just had a C1-C2 fusion about 3 weeks ago, due to a mountain bike injury. Not sure but I think the surgeon use the Harms method and attached titanium plates with four screws. So far, so good and am feeling more myself, but have some slight swelling on the left side of the incision along with a very slight numbing sensation on the left side of my head. Also here some snap, crackle, and pop sometimes which is very unnerving.
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Are you able to move your neck completely? I need c1 and c2 neck surgery and i am very frightened.
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C1 and C2 vertebra are also known as the "Atlas and Axis" bones. C1 joints the skull to the spinal cord, and C2 provides a pole that inserts into the ringed C1, allows rotation of the head around this pole.

Since the spinal cord passes through these to bones, you should understand the serious risks of Atlas/Axis surgery.

However, be assured that restricted movement of these upper vertebrae are compensated for by the other 5 cervical vertebrae, which form joints that allow bending, flexing, and extension of the neck and provide greater than 80% of your head's range of motion.
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