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Neck shots or neck fusion?

I am very upset over all this, I don't know if the shots are going to work and if they don't it means I need to have my total neck fused. Is there any other way to get around the neck fusion? I am so afraid, the doctor told me I would not be able to turn my neck at all. I would have to keep my head straight all the time. I'm only 48 years old and I feel like my life is being totally ruined because of my medical problems. The pain in my arms is getting so bad I can't take it much more.Someone please help me with answers or your story.
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You need to try the injections, they might help, you're talking major surgery here. Total neck fusion, how many levels are you talking about here?

They do ADR's now which is disc replacement as opposed to a fusion, supposedly it restores some of the motion. But honestly, I don't know how successful they are or how many levels they can do. If you're interested, I'd research it thoroughly, find a ADR discussion board, I know there's some out there.
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I looked into it but because of my degenerative disc disease, it's not an option for me. My disease is so progressed that my discs are literally falling to pieces and need held together with pieces of metal and screws. But thank you for the suggestions.
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How many levels are they suggesting you have done?
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All of them, that's what scares me.
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No wonder you're scared, I've had 2 one level fusions, that was no picnic.

I hope you're getting more than 1 opinion! You need to get 2 or 3
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