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Possibl CFS leak?

For the past 10 years I have had multiple symptoms which resulted in a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  In the last year, symptoms have become increasingly severe.  Inability to move bowels (no urge to go), urinary frequency and urgency, headaches, fluid from right ear, clear fluid occasionally from nostrils (note that sinus surgery done about 6 years ago for chronic sinusitus), neck pain and swelling, pulling sensation/pain along spine, drainage down back of throat (bitter tasting, not like sinus drainage), problems swallowing, chest wall discomfort and swelling which becomes worse as day goes on then drains/recedes), tinnitus in left ear (severe at times), loss of appetite, burning sensation in legs and near shoulder blades, pinching pain in midsection, vision problems (including pressure behind eyes), vertigo, when laying in bed my back/arms/legs/back of head will go numb.  Checked out by neurologist.  MRIs of head, spine, thoracic spine, CT of chest and neck.  Surgeon attempted to aspirate breast cyst (found to have MANY cysts in breast tissue), head tenderness, the list is endless, but these are the main symptoms.  Cystoscopy to check bladder/kidneys, colonoscopy, endoscopy.  Everything has checked out normal.  Found out today that in one of the MRIs/CTs that I had a fractured verterbrae in my neck that was never mentioned to me indicating that it was of no consequence (healed?). Also had spinal fluid drawn about 7 years ago for possible meningitis (negative)  Wondering about a possible CFS leak and subsequent nerve damage/pain and CFS fluid retention in tissue.  Symptoms are getting increasingly worse.  Any thoughts?
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On the MRI'S of the head and neck was Chairi malformation ever noted?
There is a Chiari forum here that you could check out also.
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Long story, but I do believe that at least the CT of the neck was lost somewhere between the first neurologist and the second neurologist.  The MRI of the head must not have mentioned anything about Chairi malformation since it was never brought up. I'm going to try to locate all the reports next week and follow up with my neurologist.  My thought is, could there possibly be a leak where this fracture was.  I fell on my back about 10 years ago going down the stairs and that is about the time I started having problems.  Never made the connection at the time because they were more muscle aches and pains.  I did have migraines that caused me to start seeing the neurologist.  This last problem with my neck pain was aggravated by often falling asleep in an easy chair at night.  I also ride horses, which could further aggravate the condition.  I have since stopped doing both because the symptoms have gotten worse.
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I must caution u on believeing just bcuz a dr did not mention something that u do not have it...I was thinking chiari the entire time I was reading ur post. I am not a dr, just a member here that was finally dx chiari last Feb after having issues since childhood.
Chadry was right to mention it to u.
Many drs do not recognize chiari as nething but an incidential finding. There are not enuff drs trained in the new views and treatment of chiari and related conditions. Many drs and radiologists do not report chiari to patients...seeing it as  a normal finding and asymptomatic.

I had mutliplue MRI's and no one ever told me I had tethered cord.
For a chiari dx or to rule it out u would need a MRI of the brain as well as the cervical spine.And since u had a trauma to ur back u mau also want to see if a syrinx developed as a result.

If u indeed had a CSF leak, I believe that u would not be able to ride a horse...u would have way too much pain.

Ur issues can also be that ur muscles may have twisted and if not treated at the time can cause the same type of issues as whip lash would.

IMHO...I would try an MRI of the areas mentioned above.....I hope u find out what is going on and share what u do find.

Good Luck
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