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What are the possible causes of unresolved mid-back pain?

Amazingly, for the past week I have had the same problem. I have used the computer daily for nearly 30 years without any problems, but suddenly, last week I experienced a sudden stiffening of my back with severe pain both in the front rib cage and in the mid-back vertebrae. I've had an MRI which basically came up with NAD (no fractured vertebrae or ribs detected) - although I do have a history, since childhood, of fractured ribs due to spending my childhood on an orchard where DDT (now banned) was in frequent use.  Osteoporosis was also detected in a bone density scan in  2018 with a Femoral Neck T-score of 2.8 and a Lumbar Spine (11-14) T-score of 3.4. And yes, I DO tend to have poor posture - both due to the above, and ongoing.
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Oh gosh, I hear you.  Every once in a while, I feel like my spine is bent in the middle and the top is stacking on the bottom right in the middle of my back. Which probably makes no sense but is the best way I can describe it.  I sit at my computer a lot too and this is when I feel this.  So, what about some stretching exercises to see if that helps.  A towel is helpful for pulling in both hands behind you.  It kind of hurts me to do it but it does stretch out that mid back and between the shoulder blades.  Gentle twist of the mid back.  Rotation of the neck down and to the sides.  I would try to make an effort to lift your posture up.  I'm terrible too!  I naturally want to hunch!  I read a book recently that said about 95% of our back problems come from poor posture.  You don't have a fracture it sounds like (good!).  Is something like medical massage or chiropractor something you are open to?
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