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post c5 c6 anterior fusion surgery w plate

hello again,

It's 3 weeks since my surgery and so far my biggest problem is not knowing what is normal post surgery pain & numbness and what is not normal.

After talking to a few people who have had this procedure I think I'm doing pretty good.  I'm getting better each week and I guess that can be seen by my previous posts.  :)

I still have major pain in my right shoulder joint with any activity including simple holding my husbands hand next to me.  I also have pain upper back, at the base of my neck into both shoulders with any moving around or use of either arm.  The surgeon said the upper back pain may never go away but the shoulder is worse post surgery.

I recently had new c spine xrays and the surgeon said everything looked good.  "If I'm having problems it's not from what he had done".

My question is how did other peoples recovery go?  How long pain, How long before you went back to work, how long before you could drive again?
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You are through the worst of it.I had 4 days off before I returned to work but it was 8 weeks before I drove.Some of the numbness could take a year to heal.
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wow 4 days and back to work.  The pain in my upper back was to bad for me to have gone back to work then.  3 weeks later I find the new pain in my right shoulder my biggest problem.  As long as I watch what I do, don't lift anything I'm much better but ....

I thought I was doing ok but if you were that good in only days... :)

thanks for your response.  My surgeon said not to drive while on pain meds so I haven't driven yet.  I miss driving.
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