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Pain inside upper right of abdomen when I hiccups or I breathe innnn

I am not sure if this is what is causing this problem, in around April 2012 I started to vomit for long time with tough pain in the stomach. This was happening after 3 to 4 months, it seems like the stomach was cleaning itself by removing unwanted substances in it. I was vomiting for like for hours until when the stomach has finished cleaning itself then it stopped leaving me with bitter saliva.
For vomiting fours it was short times not long, I have been with this problem until this year January when it was worsen. It started as usual pain  after 3 hours it was worst ever in my life I felt like inside of my stomach their is mixing sorry for my bad English, I fainted for like 2-3 minutes I wasn't hearing nor seeing anyone. I was taken to hospital and treated but after one week the pain came back again.
I decided to to herbalist she gave me the medicine it worked fine but with slightly pain until now, but it is not continuous pain , I can do heavy work without feeling pain I can ran without pain. but when I hiccups and breathe innnn for long that when I feel pain but slightly.

What can be the problem?  
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My guess is that after so many years of violent vomiting, you have strained the muscles of your diaphragm, which line the bottom of the chest cavity and are instrumental in breathing.

These muscles will heal as your need to vomit lessens.

In the mean time, perhaps yogic breathing exercises will help relax and strengthen these essential muscles.
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You posted in the back forum and I'm not sure if this is a back problem.
It sounds like it might be your gallbladder. Does the pain and vomiting happen after you have any kind of fat, or even if you have just eaten? What did they hospital do and what tests did you?
See your Dr again and ask if this could be the problem, your gallbladder.
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