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Severe neck pain where base of skull meets back of my neck

So this pain started recently and I'm not sure how it came about. I'm thinking that my main problem is that my neck muscles are reallyyy stiff. Sometimes the pain won't be there, and sometimes it will be. And it can be triggered by a variety of things, such as running, bending over top pick something up, stand in up fast, etc. It's been a few days since it started but it is worrying me. If anyone has advice or help I am all ears. Thanks in advance.
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Another option is to ask your doctor about natural supplements. Turmeric is one that may support a healthy inflammation response.
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Ya, important to check with your doctor prior, I agree.  The problem with supplements though is that we all tend to try to handle things on our own with not a lot of real idea what we are doing. lol  
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry you are having pain.  Running it by your doctor is never a bad idea.  Since you mention muscle strain, that could be the very reason you are experiencing this.  At the base of our neck, there are several muscles and if those become tense, they do cause headaches for many people along with neck tension. Poor posture especially in this day and age of sitting hunched over our smart phones is a big cause of this.  Injury is another such as whiplash.  Joint issues.  All of these things can lead to the type of tension and pain you are talking about.  If it is truly severe and limiting your activity, then please see your doctor. In the mean time, you can try an ice pack on it, a heating pad and alternate the two.  If you can keep it out of your hair line, a menthol pad may  help like "icy hot".  Stretching gently.  Massage can be very beneficial.  Taking ibuprofen.  These are typical things that help. Again, however, if it is sever, then please see your doctor.  Hope it gets better soon.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/neck-pain/symptoms-causes/syc-20375581
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