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Find a qualified endocrinologist in SC/GA

Help! Help! Help! I have got to find a qualified endocrinologist in SC or GA ASAP! I have been fighting an uphill battle with doctors in Augusta area for almost 10 years and my body is about to shut down. I have journals and notebooks full of symptoms and my possible dx and treatments and dx from "doctors" here. All of my info leads to endocrine system problem with high cortisol and high ACTH but symptoms of AI too so I am not sure which it is. I don't care what they call it I am just desparate to find treatment before its too late. I have no quality of life and worse than that am ruining my family's quality of life with my suffereing and crazy symptoms that effect them. At this point, I will go anywhere to see a doctor who will listen and help me figure this out. I am in Augusta, GA so anywhere in SC or GA would be more reasonable of a trip. If anyone can recommend a qualified endo, I would be forever grateful. I have got to get help as the struggle is becoming too much to bear. Thank you for and info!!!
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Dear Nealtwinsmom,

Usually the best way to start the process is to ask your family doctor to send you to an endocrinologist, ideally a neuroendocrinologist.

Please let me know if you have any other question.
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There are sites in the health pages that have doc lists.

That being said, my best guess (having had it myself) is that you may have cyclical Cushing's and not every doctor believes that form exists.

BTW having had Cushing's and now with no adrenals I can tell you that symptoms of high and low cortisol overlap quite a bit. And depending on the sites you read, it can drive you crazy.

You may also have concurrent issues that can cloud issues and diagnosis.
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