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Cyclic pain in one breast?

Hi! Every month about a week before my period I start having pain in my left brest in the area close to the breastboan. It hurts even when I suddenly slighty touch it. I think during this day I feel that there are more glands than usual, my husband for examble dont' feel anything and thinks that I have this feeling because of pain.
I have done mammography that did not show any abnormalities, exept said that breasts are dense.
The pain and the feeling of more glands goes asay with period completely and starst again with another one. I believe that it started after I had bronchitis in december, I also have chest wall pain after that untill now. My family doctor as well as ginecologies did not find anything, but they checked my breast when my period was over, so the breast was normal.
I read lot's of staff and now I am very worried, because cyclyc pain can appear only in 2 breasts, if I am right.
I had baby 21 month ago and breastfed him for almost 14 months. I have some yellow dischurge since then when I press on both nipples.
I just turned 30 and I have no family history of breast cancer.
My doc. thinks the pain is because of rib inflammation after virus I had, but why it worsens a week before my period?
Sorry for the long question, I am just very worried!
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Dear Iza:  It is not unusual to have breast pain prior to menstrual cycles. Often breasts will swell and become more tender during this time and the pain or discomfort is not always the same in both breasts. If your chest wall pain does not improve, your doctor may recommend further evaluation.  Nipple discharge may persist for some time after nursing but since there are a number of causes for nipple discharge, this should be brought to your physician's attention as well.

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I had AC joint excision surgery on my right shoulder and subcromial decompression on March 3. I had open rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder because it was reptured about 9 months ago also and a bone spur removed. I have been taking oxycodone for pain since March 3. I got a very bad headache yesterday and it was a migraine. I threw up 3 times. The headache is now gone but I have pain in my left chest area over my heart and it also goes down near my left rib area. It hurts worse to bend over or forward. These areas are also tender to the touch. Could this be DVT? I also have some breast tenderness on the right that was there I believed because of the injury to my AC joint. I also have been sitting on the couch alot and not getting exercise. I have been going to physical therapy and the PT  assistant had me do some pulley exercises. I am a 45 year old female. I have no other health problems that I know of other than acid reflux. Please let me know what you think from my symptoms. I will probably follow up with the doctor but I am not sure if I am over reacting.

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