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Acne, gaining weight, constipation

I don't have a disease or anyhting.But I don't have any money for my question. But I was wondering if you could help me with whats going on with me. So lately i have been getting a lot of acne and i mean a lot and i never really got acne before well before my periode but thats it. And know its like when one goes away another one apears and I'm starting to get really mad!!!(i was my face morning and night) And I have been gaining weight and I have Know clue why I have been doing everything the same and eatting the same the amount hasen't gone up. And Yeah this is gross but I am like constipated witch is really weird for me! can someone please help me figure out what is going on with me!!!!!!

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Sorry you are having such a time. Mandy is right, drinking lots of water and eating more foods with fiber may help things. It could be more serious like a blocked colon, so be careful.
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hi.sounds horrible for you.Im no medic ,just a mom to a lad who had many of your symptoms. However there can be many reasons for what you have that I can think of.Ok
are you or have you starting taking oral contraception? that can cause a hormonal balance that could cause yur spots.
Are you drinking enough? That can cause constipation

Are you having any other symptoms like belly ache,tiredness etc.It could be an allergy to something in your diet.Keep a food diary for a week and see if your spots and constipation are linked to food in any way.Ie my son has a gluten and lactose problem (wheat and Milk) .If he eats these he gets alot of Gut problems..both ways.
Any how just thought Id answer as no-one has an I know when I post i hope some-one

best of luck
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