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11 year old girl, HELP!

My daughter is 11 and she is a slow learner and has a very bad attitude especially towards studying. she has trouble with her school work and since I try to teach her more at home to do better she is always against it. She also lacks confidence in school she would be talking and shouting at home but very antisocial and quiet in school. For her slow learning she has been taking many prescribed medicines such as Nootropil to supply more oxygen to her brain and previous medicines for short attention span. Other than school problem she has a bad attitude, she doesnt listen to me always argues back on anything even small things, and she bad mouths a lot and sometimes to me. I have tried lots of forms of punishment even presents when she does something good. I sometimes ground her from having fun, a lot of shouting takes place which she usually ignores or argues back, refuse to speak with her and some times hit her. She would do something terrible raise her voice, swear, argues back and scream and then later she would act as if nothing happened. there isnt a day that passes without arguing and shouting. She is always in a bad mood the whole day to do anything i ask of her, finish her school work; most times refusing to do it but would later on do it after some shouting. she would only prefer spending the day watching TV or going out.This can't go on this way it's having negative effects on both our health. I dont want her to despise me for trying to teach her so im always looking for tutors to study with her which unfortunately isnt easily available. I can't depend only on school or even tuition I always try teaching her and studying with her but only if she is willing to learn which she isn't due to her negative behaviour and moods. She has an important exam coming up that will determine if she would continue on to senior school. What more can I do I am trying everything.
Thank you for your help in advance.
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It is not prudent for you to be trying to be her teacher, as well as her parent. You've got your hands full with parenting tasksand you don't have the benefit ofasolidparent-child relationship that might make her open to your influence on her stidies. so I recommend you leave the school work to the teacers and seek help from a pediatric mental health professional for yourdaughter. She isshowingsigns of serious emotional disturbance.
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