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hi my right hand side scapula feels as if it is lower than my left and when i look in the mirror my right shoulder also looks lower than my left.I am currently seeing a chiroprachtor and he said i have some sort of neck problem and i wanted to know if my neck can be causing my scapula to feel so and my shoulder to look so? he doesnt seem to know and doesnt feel if anything is wrong with my scapular
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The spine is one long biomechanical unit, with dozens of movable parts. When one portion moves, another portion has no other choice but to move as well.

If the head (which weighs 8-14lbs) is accidentally shifted off its center of gravity, the neck will attempt to adapt for the change. Unfortunately, it won't be able to hold that position forever, so the rest of the spine will adapt and compensate as well...

This translates to a distorted spine, with structural imbalances such as a high shoulder, a low scapula, a turned pelvis, or even a functionally "short" leg.

If your chiropractor isn't giving you the answers you want, it's okay to find another one. Consider doing some research on www.UpCspine.com. There are educational images there, as well as a referral directory.

Warm wishes,
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thanks for letting me know this information,well my chiropractor is away and he said i had some sort of neck problem but he says in 6 months i will be better .Around 3 months have passed and i have had much improvement.Basically what happened was i took out my wisdom teeth like a year ago and since then i got pain in my jaw ,palate and neck.I went by a orthodontist and they currently have me wearing a splint in my mouth .All the jaw pain is gone but i still have pain in the palate and the neck pain is also gone .i think they saw in my x ray a mild curve in  the lower spine and one leg was also shorter than the other.He took an x ray from my head to my hips and he showed me various things.But i had notice that the left side of my rib is sticking out just a bit(not much) but im a little concerned.It doesnt pain or anything.so what does this mean?I also notice taht my chest cracks and i dont think it ever did this before.Is something dislocated?
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