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Sound Like CFS??

Back in late 2002, after a long course of antibiotics for a skin conditions, I started developing some strange symptoms.  Pain in my lower back, muscle fatigue, severe at times, leg weakness, muscle twitching, nausea and lightheadedness in addition to electric shock sensations.  I was only 31 at the time and very healthy so naturally, I was freaked out thinking I had ALS, MS or some other horrific neurological condition.  However, after a brain MRI, EMG and a clean neuro exam, I let it go, hoping it would get better.  

Since then, my symptoms have waxed and waned and have been controlled by medication, I now regret making the choice to take antianxiety and pain medication because I think it's ruined my health.  I still have muscle fatigue, leg weakness or a heavy sensation in my legs, GI issues, muscle pain, temperature fluctuations, heat intolerance and insomnia.  I was also very thin back in 2002/2003, I have gained nearly 75 pounds, I can attribute a lot of that to overeating, meds like remeron and klonopin leave me constantly hungry.

My doctor is convinced it's all anxiety but I'm not buying that, trying to find a new doctor.  I guess I can understand her way of thinking, other than having low testosterone and pre diabetes, all tests, including Lyme, thyroid, MRIs and other blood work has been normal.  Do people with CFS ever get better?  Have been checked for blood pressure issues, doesn't seem to be much fluctuation but I've not had a tilt table test.
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Hi, have you got your b12 checked. Mine is at 253 . I have similar symptoms to you, I was sure it was something neurological. What I would suggest is get all your vitamin levels checked. Vit d, b etc. this isn't usually tested unless requested by your or doctor. Normal range for vit b12 is 150-900 with mid range being the best. It should be up round 600. I'm saying this becuSe is may cause the fatigue or little symptoms that you have experienced. Good luck
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Hpw are you
doing now ?
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