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Worsening Chronic Fatigue since 2003

      I've changed Primary Care Physicians 1/2 dozen times since 2009. and I'm about to change again, or just drop all medical appointments completely, because I now have little faith in conventional doctors. I have not been able to get close to a resolution in figuring out what my medical issue is, let along correcting it. I cannot seem to get a Primary Care Physician to take me seriously when I inform them of my chronic fatigue problem.

      The usual response is to tell me to lose weight, exercise, and send me out for blood tests, which always seem to come back negative. But the fatigue subject is never addressed further on subsequent visits.

I've lost 65lbs on two separate occasions, and it had no effect whatsoever on my fatigue problem. A problem, which began in September 2003, and affects all muscles. I can no longer walk slowly across the street without having to stop and rest. And my problem has now progressed to the point where I may not last out the year.

Outside of possible developing Gynaecomastia, Peripheral Neuropathy, and Peripheral Arterial Disease over the last year, the ache I get in my chest when I walk, as well as a diagnosis of an irregular heartbeat over the last year tells me my heart may be failing.

        I'm desperate, and really need advice.
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I feel ya on the chronic fatigue daily. My son has had this and it is debilitating. He feels like he is missing out on life and even when he's awake, he's still half asleep and can't enjoy things.  Do you take any medications?
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