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Recent X-ray of my mother shows signs of COPD

My mother aged 57 has an ongoing case of rheumatoid arthiritis and high blood pressure which mostly remains in control.She was recently complaining of fever and suddenly developed a cough and congestion in chest. She had trouble swallowing food. Yetserday it got worse at night as she complained of acid reflux and had uneasiness breathing.Today she had an chest xray and the observations are as follows:

1. Hyper Inflated Lung Field are noted with bronchovascular markings
2. Trachea is central in position
3. bilateral hilar shadows are prominent.
4.b/l cp angle are clear

cardio thoracic ratio is maintained
both domes are depressed
no significant bony/soft tissue abnormality seen

Impression: COPD

She is non smoker and had tuberculosis 20-25 years ago.

I am asking the consulting doctor for the stage of copd or whether it is even copd and He says that he has given medicine for two days and after that he will check further but is not clear about the copd.

I want to know should i consult someone else as this doctor is being consulted for rheumatoid arthiritis?
Also does these symptoms usually indicate copd if they do what stage it might be?
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