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Will it help getting help from a chiropractor for my present situation?

Hi,  I am twenty-two years old and was in an accident 1 yr ago.  I have been suffering from chronic pain ever since; the trigger spot seemed to be my neck.  In recent years the problem has moved to my right side of my neck that then starts under my straight shoulder blade and down my right arm.  The pain has progressively worsened. I have been to many specialists to treat the pain and diagnose exactly what is causing it. One of my friends suggested getting the help of a chiropractor. I've recently moved to Mississauga and got nobody to ask. My neighbor told a chiropractic clinic nearby https://www.erinmillshealth.com/ , but I would like to get a few more places that anyone had gone and had a good experience.
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I doubt anyone on here is likely to live in your town.  For local referrals, ask people.  A good place to ask is if you have a local health food store (not a Whole Foods, which is about as impersonal as a store can get, but if you have a good small store where people talk to one another and might even have a file of providers customers have recommended.  Another place for referrals is the best running store in your area or other specialized high end athletic store that isn't an impersonal chain.  You want places where folks talk to one another.  Chiropractors differ a lot from one anther in how they do what they do.  Some are very rough.  Some are very mainstream and only really handle auto accident victims and the like.  Some are more like practitioners of natural medicine who might have an acupuncturist on staff or the like, but be wary of chiropractors claiming to be physical therapists or herbalists or who do acupuncture themselves -- they can get certified to do such things in a couple of weekends, as can any medical professional, but to truly such thing takes years as does anything else and so the only thing chiropractors have studied deeply is chiropractic.  As to the wisdom of seeing one, it depends on the injury you had.  You might want to ask whoever treated you for your accident, because a chiropractic adjustment might be too rough for what is damaged.  But generally, these days most docs do tolerate chiropractors and often recommend them.  It wasn't always that way.  What I think you'd want to try is someone who is gentle and who knows some massage techniques as well as chiropractic.  And it's going to be trial and error and where one might not help you, another might, and a third might harm you.  That's the state of the art.  Since you don't say what was diagnosed as hurt in the accident, it's hard to say anything specifically.  Peace.  
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