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My dad's condition

My dad a MI 2 weeks ago, he is 70. His EF with echo was 22%, he also has CHF. He also has severe mitral valve failing. MR+ 3 and TR +3. He never ever did an angio as he was scared of the procedure. He has swelling of legs and feet now.

Is there any surgery that can be performed on him , heart valve repair or replacement and what are the chances that he will tolerate that ?

Please advice.
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Truly speaking, the heart valve repair is not going to help him in anyway now as the heart functions have deteriorate markedly and thus the only method to help him will be a heart transplant. Otherwise, he should continue on the medication and ensure that his blood pressure is under control and he’s not taking excess salt and water. This measure along with regular drug intake will ensure that his CHF remains under control. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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