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Could This Be Crohn's?

About 4 months ago I started suffering from various symptoms such as abdominal cramping, nausea (with a couple episodes of dry heaving), loose stools, gas, bloating, occasional slight chill, and overall not feeling well..sort of like having the flu.  I've never felt so lousy in my life.  I saw my doctor and she referred me to a GI doctor for colonoscopy.  I'm waiting to find out when my appointment is.  I was wondering...can Crohn's disease be diagnosed from a colonoscopy - or are other tests usually needed.?  I'm a 52 year old woman, and my father was diagnosed with CD when he was 54.  Ten years ago I had Iritis - and the eye specialist asked me if I ever had problems with my bowels.  I said no (but actually I started noticing some GI problems when I was 30).  I also failed to tell him about my CD family history.  Now, here I am 10 years later with definite symptoms - I just haven't yet been diagnosed.  I hope and pray they'll find out what's going on with me asap.  I'm really scared/concerned.  I forgot to mention I also have Major Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder - so you can imagine how much all of this is making me anxious.

Thanks so much for your input.
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A colonoscopy is the most definitive way of diagnosing Crohn's. I started to have odd symptoms a year ago, had a colonoscopy May 1 or this year and was diagnosed that day. I did seek another opinion, and they came to the same conclusion. Crohn's. I have no family history, but given yours, I 'd say Crohn's is a possibility. I also suffer from major anxiety and when I was diagnosed It shot my stress level through the roof and I went through a depression. I then started to see a stress/pain management therapist, and it has helped me a lot to cope with this disease.

I wish you well and hope you come back for support!
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i had a colonoscopy but it was an MRI scan that diagnosed me with crohns...saying that my crohns is in the ILEUM [ small intestine] and at the begining of the large intestine.
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Thank you both for your responses.  It really helps when you know you're not alone.  I'll keep everyone posted.
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it's so hard to say what it could be..as it maybe crohns,ulcerative colitis or even IBS, it's going to have to be the annoying of just wait and find out. please let us know when you have more information.
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Thank you...As you can imagine, my anxiety is over the top right now.  I'm trying not to worry though.  It's just so hard feeling so lousy so often:-(  AnyWho, hopefully I'll have a diagnosis soon.  I'll let you know how it goes..  I really appreciate you all so much!
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