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Diagnosing Crohn's disease

Is anyone currently having tests for Crohn's?
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Hi Pal,

I had my tests done on thursday and it was confirmed that I have sereve chrons disease. I have being going around in circles for over a year and finally got answers. I have been placed on steriods to bring it under control, and at that stage, they will be able to get right into my colon. I had a colonoscopy and they could not turn the corner due to the narrowing in the colon. They advised that they could see 7 ulcers in the colon and did not wish to put me in pain when it was not needed.

How far are your tests? What are your symptoms? When are you due to be tested?
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I'm having tests..although I've had all the tests before and the results were all negative. I have all the classic symptoms and have been like this for over four years now. I'm having a barium swallow in the first week of December, I've had this test several times now and it never shows anything! I don't know if Crohns can be missed easily with these tests or if I do in fact have something else wrong with me!
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