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Probiotics/ Fenugreek/ help wih UC

Hi, Everyone
My name is Bridget
I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitus in july 16, 2008.
Ever since then my life has been upside down, but about 6 months  ago a natural herb called Fenugreek changed my life.
This plant is grown in India and is well known to support and ease pain, inflammation, bleeding, etc GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASE LIKE UC. I discovered this through a Chinese Doctor that studied natural herbs and medicine  in china.  
PROBIOTICS: He also told me that probiotics help balance good bacteria (friendly bacteria) most of these capsules contain between 25 million bacteria and since UC patients have bad bacteria due to UC We need good bacteria to help us to block disease-causing bad bacteria and mucus from sticking to the lining of the intestines.

FENUGREEK: fenugreek helps in improving digestive tract functions and should be regularly used as a cleansing agent. It further says, fenugreek helps in cleaning ama (toxins) and clogged mucous in digestive systems.  fenugreek is also useful in healing of different ulcers in digestive tract. In chronic problems like ulcerative colitis etc. fenugreek is claimed to give protective coating to digestive tract thus helping in giving relief.
I have used this herb for the past 6 months nad I have seen a great healing process I feel great and eases my Pain and dont Have to worry about going to the bathroom often.

I drink this fenugreek tea on empty stomach early morening before food and 1 hour after I drink 6 capsules of probiotics and then I am ready to eat.=) I do this everyday.

Best to you all=) Hope this is useful.
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Dear Bridget

Do you soak the seeds overnight then drink them in the morning?  I am trying to find the best way to use the seeds for my son,


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