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Happens both ways


As the nation has come to a standstill over the events in Ferguson where a white officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed a black man, Mike Brown, race hustlers insist that racism goes both ways. Of course, as we all know this is a message of convenience rather than authenticity, its only further proven by the recent events where there is little outrage after a black officer shot and killed an unarmed white young man.
The incident occurred in Salt Lake City on Aug. 11 outside of a local 7-eleven where a police officer approached 20-year-old Dillon Taylor. Unlike the incident in Ferguson, a lapel cam on the officer caught the entire sequence of events and has yet to be released.
“You will see on camera … the actions of everyone involved, including up to the point where our officer utilizes deadly force and his response thereafter,” explained Police Chief Chris Burbank. “It would be wholly inappropriate to take the most vital piece of evidence that we have and put it out to the public prior to the officer having some due process.” He only further added that the video will be released at the “appropriate” time.
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For the family and friends of Taylor, that time is now as they argue he was unarmed and presented no physical threat to the officer in question. Despite police claiming they were responding to reports of a “man waving around a gun,” Taylor’s friend Aaron Swanenberg states that the narrative doesn’t add up.
“It didn’t make sense to me when I first heard everything, and they tried to say he had a gun,” Swanenberg mentioned. “I knew Dillon. He never packed a gun.” When police arrived, they noticed a group of three boys, one of whom (Taylor), matched the description given in the 911 call.
Friends who were with him on the day of his death state that Taylor was wearing head phones at the time he was shot and may have been reaching to pull up his pants.
In a blatant smear campaign, police also reported that Taylor had, at the time of his death, “a $25,000 bench warrant for a probation violation in connection with felony robbery and obstructing justice convictions,” according to WND.
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His sister however paints a different picture. Saying he was trying to turn over a new leaf, Marissa Martinez notes, “He was trying to do better for himself. And this is what happens to him? It was really heartbreaking.”
The media, has also made a transparent effort to cover up the race of the officer as they’ve only referred to him as “non-white.” Radio personality Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the matter saying, “They are referring to the officer as ‘other-than-white,’ which reminds me of George Zimmerman becoming only the second-known white Hispanic, a title given by the New York Times. They can’t wait to mention the racial aspects in St. Louis. They don’t talk about the racial aspects in [the shootings in] Chicago, and there aren’t any racial aspects here in Salt Lake City.”
Limbaugh further noted, Taylor, “didn’t resist. He didn’t hit the cop. He didn’t try to flee and yet he was shot dead.” Where’s the outrage?
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'How to Survive a Police Encounter'

1.  Compliance
2.  Manners
3.  Common sense

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Yeah, well I like the odds of being tased vs. the odds against surviving a bullet. This is why someone should come up with an educational video that can be presented to young kids in school, called 'How to Survive a Police Encounter', or 'Don't Defy, Just Comply'  < sarcasm.
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Ah but you have the case in NYC where the guy was tased and died. And guess what liberals were outraged.
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It's no secret that the media likes to pander to anything race based ~ stirring the pot and getting people riled-up is part of their plan for job security. Personally, I'd like to hear that more police departments are adding Tasers to their arsenals because deadly force is becoming excessive in many cases.
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