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Opinion About COVID-19

I'm wondering what everyone is thinking about the new coronavirus, COVID-19.  I'm reading a variety of articles on all sides - some saying it's more hyperbole than anything else.  There are those insisting that the government is about declare martial law and we'll all be confined to our homes for an indefinite period.  Some say it's a Democratic effort to destroy Trump; others say it's a power grab by the administration...

Considering how many people get infected with, and die from, the flu every year, and nothing changes about our lives, do current measures being taken for COVID-19 seem overly aggressive?  Or is it all reasonable?  

We didn't see any of these sweeping measures in 2009 when we had the H1N1 pandemic... doctors in my area even stopped testing for it and if someone got sick, they simply assumed that's what we had, but we still didn't go through any of the things we're seeing today.  

I'm curious as to your thoughts on the situation.  

I'm also wondering how it's affecting you, at this point and how it might affect you down the road.
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IMO.............this is being overblown to a bit.  Living in Louisiana I'm completely use to this rumor mill that goes around when people are scared.  I usually believe none of it.  Believe 1/2 of what you see and NONE of what you hear is usually what I go with in situations like this.  When the CDC says it, I'll do it.  I had phone calls a couple of days ago telling me that the gun stores in my area were told to lock up all of their sellable guns and ammo.....martial law.....never happened.  We should really all take a breathe....

My daughter went into labor with her first child last Tuesday, her, her husband and I were all at the hospital as the rules changed about who could be there.  Luckily, the nurses allowed me to stay basically "hidden" in her room until the baby came.  Then I was made to leave.  After that NO ONE could get in the hospital.  Security gaurds were posted on all doors and any deliveries had to be done at the door.  My daughters son was kept in NICU for 5 days as were all the babies that were delivered last week.  As precaution.  She, her husband and new baby (Rory) were all escorted out of a private door when it was time to leave as to not have to go through the main lobby.  It was odd.

My college aged son started his online classes today................school still wants there tuition payment FO SHO!  lol

My husband and I own a mechanic shop and are trying hard to get people there cars back but as quickly as we put them out, new ones come in.  NOT THAT I MIND, b/c I know how blessed we are to have work.  

The cars on my streets are sparse and Winn Dixie was out of milk and eggs for 2 days.  It reminds me of hurricane time here.
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I think it's a very serious situation, but thanks to the administration and some news outlets not taking it seriously, testing got off to a late start.  In addition, testing guidelines are too stringent, so there are likely people walking around with the virus that are asymptomatic and don't know they have it.

I think many of the things that are being done are good things, however, I'm skeptical as to why it might take 18 months to get through this, when other countries are beginning to return to normal after only 3-4 months.  

I have a lot of other thoughts that are probably best kept to myself.  :-)

Due to our ages and my health issues, we're simply trying to adhere to the social distancing protocol, limiting trips away from home to necessary doctor's appointments, grocery shopping and other errands that can't be put off.   Our grocery stores have limited stock on things like bread, toilet tissue (still haven't figured out the attraction there), disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, etc.   They have reduced hours to restock and many are implementing special hours to accommodate the elderly, disabled, etc.
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