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4 weeks and feeling like crap! Anyone else?

So my morning sickness, nausea started a day or so after my BFP. I have to say im a bit surprised because I always thought it started after 6 weeks. Its just been getting worse. I feel exacly like I do when I have a flu minus the fever and diarrhea. I just feel awful. My stomach constantly feels sour and my gagging/trowing up and constantly nauseous. I hope its not like this until week 13. I thought I had a bit of time to soak in the pregnancy news!! And we dont want to announce out pregnant to the family yet and im worried I will trow up in front of them and ruin it all.
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yes i know exactly how you feel it seems like I've been loosing my meals since a week week after i got pregnant now that i know my due date and look back to when i started getting sick and it was a week or less after i got pregnant lol! its horriable but a good sign all is well =)
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Good to know, I just I am just not very experienced this is my very first pregnancy. I know everyone is affected differently but i dont know many who started morning sickness this early on thats why I had to ask!!!
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