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Severe Low Back Pain After Standing?

Not sure where to post this, but I'm getting worse with this problem.  I get severe low back pain after standing or walking.  It's been like this for a few years, but lately, I can't stand more than a couple minutes without feeling the need to bend forward to alleviate the pressure on my back.  I've mentioned it to my doctor and my chiropractor and both of them just sort of blow it off as nothing - but it's seriously affecting my quality of life.  Even grocery shopping is difficult anymore.  Any ideas?
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At 20 years of age ,back in the 1990's. i suffered from a compression of the spine due to a work related injury (posted on my journal).to make a long story short i was diagnosed by a wcb doctor who told me i have degenerative disk desease......at 20 years old?......Anyways im 44 now and the condition has worsened.i to ,have to use the grocery carts to get around the stores and have not been able to work full time to support my family for far to long.as a result, standing is a painful experience.over the years ive used a back support device to reduce pressure on my spine.which has worked great,the problem is when i work with the back support,instead of my blown disk hurting ive developed a pain in my anuls just inside my buttox it starts out like a headache and if i contiue working this ring area just inside my buttox gets compromised and the ring gets inflamed....which resulted in me having a parianal absess....ive had the second one of these absesses removed just yesterday.what i would like to know is anyone suffering from back pain have any problems with anal pain or for men pain in the testicals.......why i ask this is because a chiropractor told me this was the result of a nerve being pushed by my blown disk...to wrap this up i also experience burning feet and i also believe this is a result of the same condition.....??? any insight???anyone with the same symptoms?
Hi you have ces which is a narrowing of the spinal cord. Your disc or material will have gone central and put pressure of your cord which results in nerve damage. Decompression surgery should be done Asap. I know this because it happened to me. It can cause major bowel and bladder problems and sexual problems. But the worst you could lose the power and the feeling in your legs. Like me. So please get it checked out I was showing red flag warning signs for years. Don't end up like me make sure they listen to you. Unfortunately doctors think back pain is unimportant . Hope it's not too late.
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I know this Is years after you posted about your lower back pain,I was hopeing that you still come on here....I have the exact same problem as you had & I have m.s as well,I jist wondered what the outcome of It all was??  I have never suffered so much pain, & like you the smallest of tasks I have to sit down to relieve the pain...This Is a long shot I know because It was so many years ago you posted,I just really hope that you read this...I'm going to the doctors on Tuesday to ask for a mri,already been once but It was not my Doctor so he told me to up my morphine...Which done no good so stopped taking It.
If there Is anyone else on here with m.s & has or Is suffering with the same sort of pain, could you please reply to me as I'm going out of my mind thinking all sorts lol
Thankyou anyone that has read this,
HI...this is 4 years later, but my back has been bothering me for years...I had an MRI and it showed that I have a herniated disk.  I can't walk tor stand but for a few minutes and my back starts hurting me soooo bad...I mean excruciating pain....I have to either lean forward on something, or sit down to take the pressure off.  It kinda feels like Im being shocked. It hurt so bad that it literally takes my breath away...NOW THATS BAD!!  .IDK...all I know is it hurts like hell.  I can't work.  At 47 Im having to live at my dads and that is embarrassing. He said I could stay as long as I needed but still.  I don't have small kids. My daughter is 24, and lives on her on, so its not like I have any small kids running around hollering..THANK GOD FOR THAT..HA HA HA  Anyway..I have a neurosurgeon appointment September 21st 2016  Im hoping and praying that he can tell me whats wrong, and hopefully fix it.
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I'm hoping to find out as well!  I have the same thing...and break out in a sweat and get nauseous if I can't sit down after a few minutes.  
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is ur pain any better now?
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whihc area do u get pain
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what are ur symptoms
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