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chronic sleepiness by dementia pt w/various medical problems

Spouse, age 93, dx'd w/dementia 7/2014 by psychol; other med probls: chf, gout, spinal stenosis, deaf, hbp (controlled).  Currently sometimes sleeps OK, but still gets up and while eating a meal, will fall asleep and sometimes will not rouse unless shaken. Can occur in AM, daytime, after evening meal. Loses track of time of day, day of week, etc.  What might be causing sleepiness even after a night's sleep?
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It would help to find out if he is potentially experiencing disrupted sleep as this is a common concern among people that are older especially with health conditions as you described.  This is not always just reflective of amount of sleep but quality of sleep. A sleep study can be helpful in determining this.
It would be worthwhile to discuss this with his doctor. It also would help to ask if any of his medications or the direct effects of his health conditions could cause this to happen during the day. The doctor then would be able to make an appropriate determination as to what follow up would help within their clinical discretion.
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Recently hospitalized with fluid on legs, feet (chronic heart failure), actually asked to go (not normal), had slurred speech prior to going. there for several days (Sat eve to Weds pm), water pill changed to 80mg in AM, 40 mg PM. Also added a statin because of high cholesterol.  Has seemed more unstable since returning home, has been urged to exercise more to regain strength, but really has not complied.  Now seems mixed up re: AM & PM: goes to bed 3 AM or later, then sleeps in until awakened by someone; has occurred for several nights now since coming home, but less sleepy after finally getting up.
Need to reverse this!  Someone said there's a med for blind persons to regulate them back to night time sleeping?
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   There is a medication called Hetlioz that was FDA approved for this purpose. You can ask the doctor if that might be an option.
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