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memory loss

Hey, ya all!  i have had a couple of health problems since 2010. the symptoms include memory loss, forgetfulness, losing my train of thought when talking, headaches, fatigue and sometimes dizziness. Life has become so hard for me since its like i have withdrawn from social networks. It has also become hard for me to find a job since i graduated from law school in 2013. In early 2013, i went to a neurologist who ordered a ct scan of the head. it revealed that there was a parenchymal lesion cyst on the left postero-inferior area of the brain measuring 1.01cmx0.85 cm. However, july 2014, an MRI scan did not show the cyst. So, my question is, might the MRI have missed the cyst or did it heal since i still have the symptoms that i had. i have gone to the hospital for a countless times but the neurologist does not seem to be of any help. My life is getting lost and i am worried. My family is not supportive and they say that i am pretending since its not possible for a 27 year old to have memory loss. please help. thanks in advance
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Have you ever had your Calcium, PTH, and Vitamin D checked? Please read at Parathyroid.com since you have described some symptoms related to parathyroid disease. I had surgery 2 months ago and no more brain fog or forgetfulness and now my energy level is unbelievable. As an adult your calcium should not be over 10. If it goes over 10 and fluctuates it can cause many problems and can mess up your kidneys. Always get a copy of your lab results so you can check everything in case doctor is not on the ball. Many are not.
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Have you researched CFS... chronic fatigue syndrome?  I think I may have this. Same as your symptoms.
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