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Tooth Abscess and Swollen Cheek


I have two broken teeth (#19 and #30) that I've been told both need root canals.  The left one is half done (the endodontist did the root canal but put in medicine and placed a temp. filling for two weeks until I come back to finish it up) but the right one hasn't had any work done yet.  I kept getting ear infections and tooth pain, so I've been placed on pain meds and amoxicillin/z-pak for the past month to keep things under control (not continuously mind you.)  

Also, my endodontist informed me that there is a small hole trying to work its way towards the outside of that tooth, and this needs to be taken care of immediately as well, but it's something he can do while we're doing the root canal (I forget the term he used for it).  Now, however, I am in significant pain and my gums and cheek are very swollen on the right side.  I had to call my endodontist at home as the office was closed and he prescribed me another z-pak and some more pain meds.  

My question:  Will I still be able to get a root canal, or will the tooth have to be extracted?  Currently, it's loose.  I can touch it and see it move a little relative to the other teeth.  But I assume that has something to do with the swollen gums/cheek?  The swelling has finally started to go down now that it's been about 24 hours since starting the z-pak, but I'm worried as I would really prefer a root canal to extraction.  Thoughts?
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You may want your endodontist to evaluate that area and see if the tooth is salvageable.  It sounds like it is, the looseness may be due to the infection or it may be due to a gum disease problem.  A cleaning may help tighten up the tooth as well.  Best thing to do is to finish the root canal and then evaluate it to make sure its stable enough for a crown.
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I am sure he will do everything he can to save the tooth. I am in your situation with broken teeth, infection and pain medicine.  Its not fun.  I would say from experience until the infection is cleared up some they may not attempt any procedures.... it just depends on how infected the tooth is... good luck! I hope everything goes well for you...
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