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extreme tooth/jaw pain

Approx 3 weeks ago I had a tooth refilled where the filling had cracked apart---it was not causing much pain but was accumulating food and needed redone.
Filling went well and hurt very little---however when the dentist injected the deadening, the shot itself hurt intensly and the area was sore for a couple weeks.
Last tues I bit down on that tooth, heard a "pop" and experienced extreme-dizziness/nausea/-pain which was almost unbearable for several hours (my wife prevented me from pulling the tooth on the spot as we live in a very rural area and no one could be contacted at night) after a huge dose of darvocet I did manage some sleep
Next morning I called the dentist 1st thing (thurs) and went in---it was still hurting extremely bad -he x rayed and examined the tooth and said all seemed fine-that I likely bruised the puld or something of that nature as he saw no infection. He did give me an rx for lorcet+ which cut the pain about 80% and said to give it a few days.
Stayed drugged up through fri---sat started off a bit better but got worse as the day progressed. No it is sun and the pain is only bad if I push directly don on that tooth--HOWEVER---my entire jaw hurts on that side now, I have pressure in my sinus on that side and i think I feel a bit of a lump (which is sensitive to pressure) on the bottom of my jaw directly under that tooth.
I will go back in the morning but to get a second opinion will take a few days and a couple hundred mile round trip.
Any thoughts? I am tired of the pain and even more tired of the pain medicine. Also have some pain under my tongue.
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It sounds like that tooth has a dead nerve and is in need of root canal therapy.
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Also forgot to mention i had just been on Cipro (allergic to penicillin, clindymiacin, etc)the week before for an eye infection.

Other rthan that I am in outstanding health with no immune dsicorders, etc and other than a mild but recurring case of malaria
very seldom get sick or infections.
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I'm not a dentist,but it sound like you may have cracked your tooth. this can not be detected on an x-ray and may be sometimes can be detected by and intraoral camara. The pain you had from the injection was probably b/c he injected directly into your nerve. This can happen had usually has no long term effects,but can make you feel like you had and electric shock. Not sure about the swelling. If the filling was big enough it could have fractured your tooth easily and nothing the dentist could have prevented or caused. He could have done a crown,but like most dentist he probably tried to do something of more cost effectiveness first. Good luck!
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Update---had first part of root canal Monday----immediate relief with Novocaine (obvious)felt much better most of the day.

Monday evening got worse as evening went on and Novocaine wore off----pain WORSE than before by midnight---3 lorcet plus and several aspirin=minimal relief---not sleep.

Tuesday morning---a little better early in am----lump on jawbone has grown significantly---approx 3/4" dia. almost as "high". As day progresses pain greatly intensifies----about 8 sudden relief---lump starts shrinking---all day saliva production has increased 1000%----is very acidic and burns mouth/throat/lips.
Some sleep tues night.extreme pressure on left sinuses/ear.Tues night contact old dentist friend in other state---he thinks infection trying to come out through jawbone rather than gums/tooth.

Wednesday morning---felt horrible----swelling/lump seems to have moved up jawline towards ear---saliva more acidic, stomach upset, lips beginning to peel.Go to dentist---suggests root canal should eb completed as soon as infection dissipates---reluctantly prescribes cipro.Late morning begin cipro---feel even worse---extreme fever fr me (102+) even 45 mins after aspirin. Absolute misery. Upset stomach---barely able to eat---some pain, sinuses severely clogged on one side, burning saliva getting even worse. Fever persists.

I've lost all confidence in dentist here (says he has never seen anything like this---cannot even guess what is going on)

Any suggestion I could point another dentist too would be most appreciated------If no improvement I will head to hospital tomorrow---afraid f infection spreading elsewhere.

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Oh man, I hope you post back your findings.  I am going through
the exact same pain in my tooth and jaw for several weeks now.
Had a partial root canal done and the same thing is happening to
me; jaw and ear pain, swelling around the jaw area, sinuses draining.  I've been dealing with this since the really July from a routine filling but it really got bad on Dec. 22nd 2006, when I hurt from my right side of my head down to my jaw and over to my ear.  My dentist did say that my tooth needed a root canal and he did a partial but the pain is still there.
Appreciate any input.
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