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periodontal disease advice please

hello, i am a 37 year old man who has not been to the dentist in over 20 years, not even to have my wisdom teeth removed, due to financial reasons and mental health issues. naturally, over time, cavities grew, teeth rotted, a couple back teeth have fallen out, and more seem likely to go anytime. i am also seeing more discoloration appearing around the gums on some teeth. its not a complete loss yet, but if i dont do something soon it will be...
i am committed to finally treating this problem asap, but with the huge costs involved, i am not in the place where i can afford to see a doctor and begin treatment yet. which brings me to my question, is there anything i can do in the meantime to stop the spread of periodontal disease and decay of my already diseased teeth. any kind of regular washes or chemicals, medicine or supplements i can take to keep the disease and destruction at bay? is there anything i can do to help them "heal" while i try to get the money together? i have quit smoking and am trying to cut out sugar from my diet.
any advice would be appreciated.
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The only thing you can do until you can get to a dentist is continue to brush twice a day for two minutes each time, use floss at least once a day (VERY important) and if you can, use a water pik once daily.
You MUST get to a dentist though.  You cannot afford NOT to go!  Periodontal disease will not go away by itself and only gets worse by dissolving the bone that holds the teeth in.  
Please make an appt ASAP.  It sounds as though it may be a lengthy process for you to good dental health and perhaps you can pay as you go.  Only a dentist can help you at this point.

Good luck.  Please let us know how you do.

My very best to you,
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