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Uhm.. Am I a hypochondriac or do I have huntingtons disease?

Huntington's disease is a disorder passed down through families in which nerve cells in the brain waste away, or degenerate.

    * Abnormal and unusual movements
          o Head turning to shift eye position
Uhm.. How far is "head turning" I didn't really think about this till I read it, but my head does move slightly when I shift my eyes.. but that's normal.. right?
          o Facial movements, including grimaces
don't think so.
          o Slow, uncontrolled movements
don't think so
          o Quick, sudden, jerking movements of arms, legs, face, and other body parts
don't think so, can't really remember
          o Unsteady gait
    * Behavior changes
          o Antisocial behaviors
-> yes
          o Hallucinations
-> yes
          o Irritability
-> yes
          o Moodiness
-> yes
          o Restlessness or fidgeting
-> haven't slept since yesterday.. haven't slept a night in months.. by that I mean, I can only fall asleep when I completely pass out, usually not more than a 24 hour period.
          o Paranoia
-> yes.. definitely.
          o Psychosis
-> .. unfortunately yes.
    * Dementia that slowly gets worse, including
          o Loss of memory
-> YES.. I have no memory of.. so much stuff.. I can hardly remember the artist of a song.
          o Loss of judgment
-> This would be a great excuse for my unexplainable behaviour. I don't know why I do half the **** I do.
          o Speech changes
-> Wouldn't know
          o Personality changes
-> yes
          o Disorientation or confusion
-> yes
Additional symptoms that may be associated with this disease:

    * Anxiety, stress, and tension
All 3
    * Difficulty swallowing
sometimes my throat clenches so tight I can't swallow or breathe.
    * Speech impairment

I've also had tremors, drug addiction, suicide attempts, severe paranoia, severe psychosis(not violent, but more like disassociation and association of things that aren't related to me)

anyway.. any help thanks.
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I'd vote for hypochondriasis
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thanks, i feel better :)
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Sometimes we always think the worse don't we? I know it can be my anxiety running wild when I think crazy things. Sometimes for me, I just need to go to bed and sleep!!


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