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ATTN Dermatology Doctor, Is this HPV or Skin Tag

I had this lesion appear on the right side of my scrotum recently. I would like more opinions as the doctor said it could be hpv cause of its location. I do not have a history of skin tags nor warts. All STI test came back negative.

Could the doctor be wrong could it not be hpv?

Can the dermatology doctor take a look at this

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The only way to know is to get it biopsied. It could be either - they can look very similar.
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See thats the thing he just proceeded to burn it off with cryotherapy. I asked for a biopsy and he said they do not do it anymore
Also id like to add, I ALWAYS wear a condom. The last time i had sex was 5-6 months ago. I am unsure if this is hpv or can it be from masturbation as the fiction could cause skin tags  
Condoms don't offer 100% protection against HPV. HPV is spread by direct skin to skin transmission and condoms don't cover all the skin.

It's not from masturbation. Friction and skin tags means consistent, long term friction, like walking and rubbing against clothing, etc. Also, sometimes skin tags just appear. There no "fault" or "blame" for them.

The ONLY way to know for sure what it is is to get it biopsied.
Thank you for your answer. Can i still get a biopsy if they have already preformed cryotherapy on it?
No, probably not. That's a question for your doctor, though.

If you get another one - and both tend to recur - get it biopsied.
I thought about that and what if i never get another one does that mean the potential virus is gone?

Is there a cure? With herbs ?

Also do you know of places in North America which can do a biopsy ? As in my city i keep being told they no longer do it
If it is HPV, it will clear from the body within 2 years in 90% of those who have it. The other 10% just take a little longer, but it is not a lifelong infection.

Most doctors won't do a biopsy because it doesn't matter much if it's HPV or a skin tag. HPV is very, very common - it's estimated that 90% of us will get it at least once of in our lifetimes - and it's not a lifelong infection.

Thank you Autiejessi ! Something new i found out yesterday was the individual who i mentioned above from 5-6 months ago, i was able to reach her and she stated we has been vaccinated against HPV. So now my question is can i still get it from her if she was vaccinated?

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