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Bug bite or something more serious?

I'm not certain if I woke up with these small fluid filled bumps on my forearm or if i has them before I went to bed.  They are starting to leak a thin , sticky , yellow serous fluid.  They are painful and so not itch.  The skin around them is inflamed and slightly raised like a welt. I have photos but don't see where I can upload them.  
Thank you for your time in helping with this issue.
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Do you have more than one of them?  Are you still seeing this?  Do you see any places on them where a puncture wound may be on the bumps?
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I have 5 of them around the same area.  I do not see puncture holes.  They are starting to dry up.  I have been applying a mixture of Non-iodized sea salt mixed in distilled water at a ratio of 4 tsp sea salt  to 1 gallon of water. I take a small amount of water,  warm it up as hot as I can stand it and soak up a cotton ball and place on the lesions, once it cools I repeat and do this for about 1/2 hour 2x a day.  They are nearly flat now, red but no longer oozing and no longer sore.   One of them did get a little itchy, but nothing like a mosquito bite or poison ivy/oak reaction would be.  Thanks for the reply
Glad to hear that they are getting better and what you have been doing is helping!  I'd keep it up, unless they start to get worse, you get more, or you see signs of infection.  
Thank you .. they are completely healed now but oddly enough ,  although I never scratched them they look like they are going to scar
Colloidal silver works great for stuff like that and without leaving scars. Salt is great for healing but is not a huge soother. Curad has a product I find very effective called germ shield (previously silver solutions) I put that on my lesions and cover w a transdermal dressing. Very effective.
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