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Can a Tea Tree Oil burn on Penis heal?

4 Months ago, I was stupid and put Tea Tree Oil on a cotton ball and then dabbed it on a bump on my Penis a couple times.  Redness came, washed it off right away and it made my skin down there darker and more dry.  Some peeling did take place, but just for a few days in a small spot.  Is there anything like Vitamin E cream that is safe to put on and could help?  Will this eventually heal in a year or two and return to normal or is this Permanent?
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Does it still hurt?  Vitamin E oil should be safe to try- as far as if it will help, only time can really tell.  To be more certain, a doctor should look at it to know for sure what the cause is and why it's still dry and darker.  
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It doesnt hurt, its an uneven skin tone with discoloration.  I can see a few blood vessels on my Penis as well.  I Do have a Dermatologist appointment booked but I couldnt get in until late October.  I have been afraid to approach girls because of this.  I have been sleeping naked at night to help it get some fresh air.  Do you think things like that can help?
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It doesn't hurt.  My skin down there is uneven and has discoloration.  I didn't realize that Tea Tree oil was so strong until after it was too late.   I can see some blood Vessels on my penis, which made me nervous.  I also have been afraid to approach girls because of this.  I did book an appointment with a Dermatologist, but they couldn't get me in until late October.  I have been sleeping naked to help it get some fresh air.  Do you think that fresh air can provide a little bit of assistance since its not ribbing against any clothes?  
If it's not hurting it sounds more like it's a scar- that doesn't mean it's permanent, but a doctor will best be able to guide you on if it is and ways to help.  I don't think the fresh air will have any impact, if it is in fact more of a scar then the injury.  
Thank you for your advice.  I will have to wait for my dermatologist appointment to finally come and see what she says regarding my penis skin and if there are any treatment options that are available.  If the skin does not go back to 100% hopefully it can fade a good amount.  It could take a long time for the skin to repair its self.    
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Hi Shred56, I have the same issue and was wondering whether it resolved for you?
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