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Dead Callused Skin On Tip’s Of Toe’s

I have had dead skin on the very tip’s of both feet, 2 toe’s per foot for about a year now.  Sometime’s I clip it with mail clipper’s or buff it and moisturize my feet but it’s painful. What is this from??
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I have something similar. I went to a dermatologist finally and they said I don't slough off skin cells easily and that it was due continual pressure on the area. Your toes may be touching your shoes there and have been forever. Mine will get a bit cracked.  It hurts if that happens.  I use lactic acid lotion (am lactin) and a thick balm over it and then socks.  Kind of helps.  Get it checked out by a derm. But likely it is similar to me.  
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I have calluses on my heels that also seem mostly like dead skin, and got a product that has urea, Epsom salts and oils in it, made by Dr. Scholl's (the well-known company deals with all things feet). I was reading that the urea is an ingredient often used in products or prescriptions for sloughing off dead skin cells, and it did do the trick for me. Like Specialmom, I slathered it on and then wore socks, and it took a few nights of doing this but off came the dead skin. There are some good "before and after" photos on Amazon of people's cracked and dead-looking heel skin and their normal heels after using the product. It's called "Severe Cracked Heel Balm," and I got it on Amazon but it wouldn't surprise me if it was available at a good drugstore too.

If an over-the-counter product doesn't do it for you, a podiatrist would doubtless be able to help, either by giving you a stronger prescription for something to put on your feet, or by other treatment.

Good luck!
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