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Itchy rash on middle finger, bleeds

Rash on middle finger. About once a week it gets intensely itchy, to the point where I scratch so much it bleeds bigly and pieces of skin come off. The scratching produces a feeling of relief. The itchiness is brief but intense, leaving a yucky skinned and gouged mess which stings somewhat (worse under hot water).Then it heals over the next couple of days, and after about a week the cycle starts again.
It has not responded to Miconazole, Clomazol or any other anti-fungal.
What is this and how do I fix this?
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The thing with itching is that doesn't it make you itch more?  I have this also.  Makes you want to scream and yes, you just want relief. But I try to fight the urge.  May be time for you to consult your doctor.  Sometimes having dermatitis can be for unknown causes.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dermatitis-eczema/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20352386  This article has ideas about what you can do.  I find moisturizing does help me.  A corticosteriod like cortaid also often helps.  On the list from the article to try (this is hydrocortisone). It does say to avoid itching.  
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Yes, but remember, steroids like antibiotics can damage your immune system and thus make the condition chronic, so don't use that steroid cream often.  You might just try some aloe, that's probably what's in the moisturizer that is easing the condition.  Calendula oil can also help with dryness and itching.  But an accurate diagnosis does wonders because then you can really home in on a treatment.
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I'd stop the scratching, probably just exposing it to easier reinfection.  Taking anti-fungals can make it more likely for an infection to return, as it also kills off the beneficial organisms that protect you from infection.  It also might have been misdiagnosed and wasn't a fungus.  
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