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Large Painful bumps that developed red branches/streaks?

I have about 20 bumps on my legs, I thought they were infected hair follicles, they range from pea sized to quarter size in diameter and are very swollen/inflamed and red, and are draining, but they seem to be getting worse over the last few hours. They are extremely painful and I now have red streaks branching out from most of them, about an inch long and aren’t going away.. also over the last few hours my body has become very sore and achy, especially in my legs and back, and some sharper pain in my groom area. However I do not have a fever. May I please have some advice/opinions on if this is something I should seek treatment for right away? Or is this not as abnormal as I think and just give it some time? I know sometimes these take weeks to heal, but I’m just concerned about the other symptoms. I believe it is unrelated but I had strep throat earlier this week, for the past 36 hours have had very dark red thick mucous coming from my throat, no cough, I can just feel it there and have to clear my throat . Sorry for the lengthy details. Just a strange combination of symptoms I have never had before. Thank you very much for your time.
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Streaks are usually a sign of infection and you want to address that- I would get into your doctor to have them looked at as soon as possible so you can address any infection issues.  Let us know how you are doing!
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