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My Dermatologist cannot figure out what I have, I need help!

Hello! I have been having bad skin issues / flare ups in the past recent months.

It started with body itching at first for the first month where it'd wake me up feeling like stuff was crawling on me. I would get rashes on me occasionally but mostly just from me itching my skin. i thought perhaps maybe Bed Bugs but nobody else in the family was getting anything and we've been using the same bed (plus ive washed and changed sheets 50 times).  

Shortly after it moved to my scalp.  Everywhere from my lower neck to the crown of my head towards my forehead would randomly "flare up" and create huge red rashes sometimes with little white bumps.  They happened at least once a day for no rhyme or reason at all.  There is never any irritation that triggers them, but a lot of times I wake up in the morning and my head is on fire and i'm constantly gnawing at it because the burn/itch is so intense.  It has randomly flares up while i've been eating dinner at the dinner table before without my head touching anything as well so i'm very unsure what causes this to happen.

On top of all of the scalp issues, I will also randomly get red rashes randomly throughout my body at random. These don't itch as bad as the scalp but they pop up just as randomly.  They also come with hyper skin sensitivity. (Ex. I'll scrub my back with a wash rag and my whole back will look like ive just gotten bad scrapes from a dog from the slightest irritation.)

I have changed shampoo / conditioner to Nizoral which was recommended by the Dermatologist.  I have stripped my bedding and changed my laundry detergent  just in case I was having bad allergic reactions.  Ive tried to put peppermint oil / tea tree oil based products on my scalp to help with relief and more.

The only thing that seems to alleviate some pain is Benadryl Liquid Gels which are relatively fast acting and seem to help the itching which leads me to think this is an allergic reaction....  However, it comes up to randomly and without any reason to be a reaction to anything specific it seems.

I have been to two different Dermatologists in my area and they both have put me on topical medications that have not helped including Erythromycin which I stopped because I was having bad reactions to it. However, they have not been able to properly diagnose me because they could not see the "flare ups" at the appointment and at the moment seem to be just taking shots in the dark.  

I do not have medical insurance and I do not wish to be messing with random shots in the dark at medications and ointments and appointments more than I have to in the midst of these times.  Since the appointment, I have taken some pictures.  I will link a couple of them here to show you examples of the sort of "flare ups" and breakouts that I get randomly at least once a day on my head/body.  

The closest thing that I can find that it might be if I were to self-diagnose (which I know is frowned upon) is called Sebhorratic Dermatitis

Any help is appreciated at this point! Thank you!

Scalp / ear: https://gyazo.com/55b084c13b159733db2bab7d8f15fe64

Upper Torso: https://gyazo.com/be1033daf3794b3e771be507b0b85b9d

Back: https://gyazo.com/9e646f2795a453d2ddc701707a558a03

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Have you considered keeping a food diary, to rule out an allergic reaction to certain foods?
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I have done some minor tracking of this thinking this could be a problem.  I am currently on a diet only eating meals from the food service called Freshly. Other than that, I just have some toast with peanut butter at night.  Nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing that I haven't ate before / have been allergic to in the past all though I suppose I could have developed an allergy over time to things I wasn't allergic to in the past.
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