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New Skin Tags

Male - early/mid 40s.

In the past 6 or so months I have noticed skin tags popping up on my left torso/trunk (mostly waistline) area. I have noticed about 6 or 7 total. Two are close together right around where my pants line would be near the thigh, with some a little higher in the same area, and two closer to the stomach - all on the left side. It doesn't seem like they popped up at once but over the course of several weeks/months. I have read weight gain could be a cause, but could weight loss (I have lost some weight in the past year) also be a possible cause? With the current pandemic I probably won't be going to a dermatologist any time soon. They don't bother me physically, but the "popping up" of new ones is a little unsettling, so wondering if weight loss or simply aging could be the reason. I do believe I have this in my family -- but have not noticed these until recently. Also, any home remedies suggested for these knowing it may be a while before I head to a dermatologist? Thanks.
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