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Possible melanoma?

I've had this mole on my back for about 2 years. Never really bothered me. I just noticed it cause it was new and that's it. In June I accidently scratched it off. It hardly bled but scabbed and then healed. Naturally I started googling cause I'm dumb and scared the hell out of myself. So I've been keeping an eye on it (I use my phone to take pics since I can't see my back) today I noticed I have some "spots" in the mole...not black but about a shade or two darker than the mole itself. I have a derm appointment but not for another 3 weeks! I'll go crazy by then.
What do you think? Does it look like a melanoma?

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Hello and welcome to the forum.  It's really impossible to diagnose anyone through pictures or over the internet. We are glad that you have a doctor's appointment set up.  One thing you can do is call daily each morning to see if they've had a cancellation to get in sooner as this does often happen.  Here is  quick guide for judging something you fear is melanoma with regards to a mole:
A is for asymmetrical shape. Look for moles with irregular shapes, such as two very different-looking halves.
B is for irregular border. Look for moles with irregular, notched or scalloped borders — characteristics of melanomas.
C is for changes in color. Look for growths that have many colors or an uneven distribution of color.
D is for diameter. Look for new growth in a mole larger than 1/4 inch (about 6 millimeters).
E is for evolving. Look for changes over time, such as a mole that grows in size or that changes color or shape. Moles may also evolve to develop new signs and symptoms, such as new itchiness or bleeding.

Since you have had the change in the mole, it is important to be seen.  Call and explain this to see if you can get in sooner and they may accommodate.  

Here's more information on https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/melanoma/symptoms-causes/syc-20374884

Please let us know how the doctor's appointment goes and we'll be thinking of you.  
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Yes I know it's not possible I just wanted another opinion. I'm very scared. Thank you for your thoughts. ❤️
It's hard to see things well enough.  But I would say from your written description of it, something is happening.  It could turn out to be nothing as it most typically does but making sure is really the best idea.  Perhaps this slide show would give you some comparison for yours verses melanoma in the slides. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/skin-cancer/multimedia/melanoma/sls-20076095
Went to the doctor. He said everything looked fine and nothing needs to be done
Oh, very happy to hear that!!!  I'm very glad you went to the doctor and got the all clear.  It is easy to give into fear of these things but the best situation is to know for sure either way.  Keep in touch with us and visit our other forums for help with any health care situation or just for chatting. Best to you.
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