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Red Bumps All Over Pelvic Area (WARNING: PIC CONTAINS NUDITY)

So, I've had this, what I'm calling, "rash" on my pelvic area for a few weeks now. Generally, I shave my pubic hair completely, so I used to think it was simply razor burn. However, even after I let it grow out, the bumps were still there, and may have even gotten worse. I just shaved today to give a better example of what the area looks like. I have no idea what it could be. I've been with the same woman for about 6 years now, so I know it's not an STD and my wife shows no signs of this rash at all. Any ideas on what this could be? Is it contagious? How do I get rid of it? Any help would be much appreciated. Normally, I would simply go to my dermatologist, but I just started a new job so I won't have any medical insurance until November. I can't wait that long for answers. Please help!
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Coluld be lichen planus(Itching prominent), or pityriasis rosea.
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I have similar problem that started yesterday but mine is located on my tummy, very itchy the more I scratch the more it turns red and spread up to my chest. This morning I boiled guava leaves and washed all my body, now it feels better, the itchiness is gone , the red rash on my neck and right arm is gone except on my stomach but I really feel better  today
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