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What can be done to stopItching after heart surgery

My wife had open heart surgery in January and about a month later started having itching all over. Headed into October and no answers. She has went to alergy dr and not allergic to anything. Also had skin biopsy and nothing came up. Primary care dr keeps letting her refill predizone which has helped some but now not as effective. It is so bad hard for her too sleep at night and function. I am afraid blood borne from surgery. Hoping something she can take to help.
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Well, that's unfortunate.  Itching like that can drive you insane.  Itching after surgery is pretty normal and a sign of healing. Itching happens along nerves as well (as does pain).  What about an antihistamine?  That can sometimes work.  Zyrtec and allegra are examples and can be purchased over the counter.  There is also a cream that has Benadryl in it called Caladryl which is known to help.  It's been such a long time since surgery to still have this but I'd give these things a try. If she has pruritis due to starch in products used when the cardiac bypass machine is used, there is topical capsaicin which is supposed to work when other things fail.  

Food for thought and things to look into.  Let us know if it helps or how she is doing!
Thank you. We have tried Zyrtec and Allegra with no help. Also have tried almost all topical creams but do not think we have tried capsaicin so will try. She is really suffering so appreciate u replying. Primary care dr from yesterday thinks autoimmune so trying to get into rheumatologist.
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What a pain.  I do know itching can drive you mad!!!  I think a rheumatologist is a good call for your next stop and after that, a neurologist.  Itching and nerve issues can also be relate.  I hope the caladryl might help.  Keep me posted on if it does and what the rheumotologist says.  Would be nice if you could get fast turn around on getting her seen!
I am new to this medhelp. Are u a dr yourself?
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no, I'm not.  I'm a patient like your wife.  I came to medhelp years ago about a heath care concern and have been posting ever since.  Lots of forums and lots of people who want to get some ideas.  Helps when talking to their doctor and they feel supported.  I like it so chime in if I have any info I see that can help someone.  Here's a list of forums:  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/list  Hope to see you around some of them.  :>))
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