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White Piedra on Hairs, Now White on Tongue and Fatigue Trichomycosis? Systemic?

I had been on antibiotics (doxycycline) for a few weeks to treat a mycoplasma infection and after I took the antibiotics I had some pain while urinating and in my glands which my eurologist said was a "prostate inflamattion" and my physical therapist said was a "muscular problem". The pain subsided but then I noticed some "bread-like" white substance underneath my scrotum on some of the hairs about a month ago. My eurologist said it was "nothing" but clearly it was something so I did some research online and found the pictures for "trichomycosis" matched almost exactly to what I was seeing in the pubic region (only under the scrotum, not in the pubic hairs above or surrounded the penis). I was grossed out and decided to take the "recommended" steps I had read online to "treat" the area. I shaved it and have been showering two times a day, using Head and Shoulders and Anti-bacterial wipes to disinfect the area. About a week ago I started to feel very weak. It felt like normal flu-symptoms except instead of being totally knocked out or "sick" feeling I would get flashes.. disoriented and loopy at times. I noticed some white "fur" at the very, very back of my tongue and a few red bumps that had elevated on the tongue as well. The inside of my mouth became rather rough and I started getting an unusual amount of mucus/phlegm developing. I was spitting so regularly that I couldn't even stay on public transit because I had so much phlegm development. I went to a highly recommended ENT specialist and he said "it's probably just a standard infection" and he took a swab from the back of my throat to "let the cultures develop". This was 4 days ago and i first began to feel weak about 7 days ago. I've been resting and eating a normal amount (and very healthy). I am an active and healthy 23 year-old with no major health issues. I have never felt this way from any infection before in my life. In addition to the feeling of tiredness (I have been sleeping most of the day) I also have a shooting headache from time to time. I've been hydrating insanely and taking PH balancing pills to encourage an alkaline environment so the infection doesn't continue to spread. Yesterday, when I looked in the mirror, I noticed the same discoloration/fungus on my hairs on my face, where I hadn't shaved for over a week. The hairs looked similar to the ones underneath my scrotum that I had seen a month ago. The ENT called me yesterday and said the cultures came back "normal" but I've read somewhere that fungus can take weeks to develop in cultures and my ENT did not specify whether he was testing for bacteria or bacteria and fungus. I called the ENT and am waiting to hear back. I have moments in the day where I feel completely normal and then "wipe-outs" where the only thing I could really do is sleep. I don't really know who to go to because I am not from this city and don't have an M.D. I know well and my eurologist clearly didn't know what it was and the ENT is almost laughing at me saying I'm freaking out. I'm not freaking out. I have stuff on my facial hair, pubic hair, and now my mouth feels disgusting and there is white stuff on the back of my tongue which has not really gone down since I first noticed it a week ago. Not to mention I had cold sweats at night for a few days this week and have been extremely tired and weak feeling. I have great health insurance and can generally see whatever doctor I need to. Is there a specialist I should see for this? I worry it may be some kind of visceral dissemination or is it possible I have two different things? I want to believe that the trichomycosis and fungus on my facial hair and scrotum could be unrelated to my flu-like symptoms. I've read that taking antibiotics can create an atmosphere for fungus to develop and now i worry that maybe I have some kind of systemic fungal problem. Please give me some direction to go, thanks.
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