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i have a brown dark like lesion on my middle finger what is this?

well i'm so afraid while typing this that it will be melanoma. i have this darkened spot that is more rough than the rest of the skin it doesn't itch or anything it's been there for a while maybe a year it. i put my hand in fire alot.
it's here in this link my middle finger near the first joint https://imgur.com/pXoNarq.
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Does the spot itch?  Have you noticed any major changes in the spot over the last year?  I don't typically look at photos, as it's a bad idea to tell someone what they may have medically based on a photo- but I don't see anything in your photo that indicates a problem at all.  If you are concerned, you can set up an appointment with your doctor- but I don't think you have anything to worry about.  
the lesion is near the first joint of the middle finger no it doesn't itch can it be a burn scar? it feels rougher and darker that's all
Do you remember burning it?  It could be scar tissue- or a callus, but you would need to have a doctor take a look.  It doesn't look like anything to be really concerned about though.  If it's visual appearance you are worried about, the doctor probably will be able to give you some things to try.  
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