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Do you have questions about diabetes?

We are glad you are here and have some great resources to help!  If you have been newly diagnosed, are wondering if you are at risk, or have had diabetes for some time, but  just have a question- we are glad that you have come to MedHelp.org for your concerns and to get support.  This is a directory that can link you to some commonly asked questions, as well as let you know about some resources that we have available to you- so check it out to get started!

If you would like to start a post and are accessing the site from a computer, locate the red "Ask a Question" button- click on that and follow the prompts to post your question.  If you are on the mobile site or accessing the forums through one of our apps, you will see a blue “Ask a new question” link that pops up on the bottom of your screen as you scroll, tap on that to get your question posted.  Here’s a quick link to start a new question in this forum if you need it:


Are you looking for some ways to make tracking your blood sugars easier?  If you have a mobile device (Android or iOS)- you can give our app Sugar Sense a try- you can track your blood sugars, carbs, exercise, and more with the app.  It has some great tips to assist on your health journey as well, and you can share your data with your doctor easily!  Here’s the links that you can use to download the apps:

For Android users-

For iOS users-

If you don’t have a mobile device that you can use, or prefer to use the computer- we have trackers that you can check out as well, here’s a link to the Diabetes Tracker:


We have many other great posts and articles that contain valuable information, here’s some other links that you might want to check out:

Need some general tips on how to live with diabetes?

New to testing your sugars?

Need some meal ideas?

Are you wondering what your A1c means or need some tips on A1c?
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