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Anyone else ever have to take levels PRIOR to being diagnosed with gestational diabetes? (Due to other complications)
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Not quite sure what you mean....  They nay ask you to check blood sugars if they suspect a possible problem.  In my case I was not diabetic... But then I got pregnant.  My end asked me e to check blood sugars immediately.  Lo and behold turned out I became diabetic very early in that pregnancy.  
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Yes because I'm pregnant and my 1- hour test was not good. I tried to take the three hour glucose test but vomitted the mix. So they want a week of glucose readings
Hi, the week of glucose readings is more accurate, and it is real life data.  I think that is a good alternative to the glucose drink.  Wishing you well.
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I have a sleeved stomach (bariatric surgery) and I am 29 weeks pregnant. My 1 HR glucose test did not go well due to my sleeved stomach. I couldn't tolerate the glucose and vomited within a half hour and I really tried so hard to keep it down! Because of that, I now have to take my blood sugar 4 times a day, which is understandable. Unfortunately, most readings are well below 100... On top of already being anemic, I'm wondering if low sugar levels are also contributing to my dizziness and fatigue.
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Yes! I just had to start this week. I passed 2 glucose tests (one in early pregnancy and one at normal time). Doc still thinks I might have it because of how large my baby is and I can't seem to stop gaining weight. Other than that no symptoms. And so far, blood sugar levels have been fine. Hope it goes well for you!!
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