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Callused fingers from blood testing.

I been consantly finger poking (testing for approx. 34 year.s  I'm 39 now but all my fingers have become extremely callused and I mean EXTREMELY.  Can't test on my right hand because that's my writing hand.  Any suggestions on how I can combat this problem?  P.S.  Tried testing on my toes but unfortuantely can't get a darn bit of bloos of them either.  Connie
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Use lancets for pricking fingers for blood test. And you can certainly use your right hand fingers for blood testing. Its not a big inconvenience and won't affect your work!!
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That's all I have been using for testing blood.  Meaning lancets.  Maybe I should look for some lancets that have a thicker needle.  Can't poke my fingers on the right hand because that's the hand I use for writing.  Had my Mom poke my fingers on the right hand and could not wright due to the pain/sensitivity.
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I found rubbing alcohol causes the skin to harden. I wash my hands with soap and water and dry with clean towel. Look into new meters which allow blood from forearm or stomach.
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I been a Diabetic so long unfortunately I do not use alcohol on my fingers or injection sites.  I asked one of my local pharmachists about the problem I'm having on all my fingers on my left hand.  I asked him if I should start testing my blood sugar on my arms like I see in some commercials.  He said blood readings are not as accurate testing on the arm as it is on the fingers.  He told me to discuss this w/ my M.D. (Endocrin.).  Looks like next weeks I tell my M.D. about this major problem I currently having.
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