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I need help to understand my type 2 diabetes.

I have been a pre- diabetic for 26 years. It started when I was pregnant with my first baby.  The whole time my glucose levels were low but want away after birth. Now I am 44 years old, 3 weeks ago I was told that I am type 2 diabetic with low levels (4.3), My doctor put me on metformin only  and no other drug. This is what's going on now when I exercise, clean the house, or go to work throughout the day it drops fast 100 to 70 in 22 minutes and drops more after that. I eat or drink something very sweet to get back up but don't last long and it start to drop. I need help to understand what I am doing wrong?  I an on a 2500 carb diet and I was told to eat 12 small meals a day but I feel very uncomfortable at the end of the day.
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I'm going to assume that number of 4.3 is your A1C?  Which would be a  normal reading for someone that's not a diabetic. With that reading you shouldn't be on Metformin. When you say you're on a 2500 carb diet which is a lot of  carbs per day. Did you mean 2500 calorie diet a day? Can't commit on the calories because don't know your weight or height or BMI. But being said I personally think your daily dose of Metformin is  to much and needs to be adjusted. However you didn't say how much you take daily. Good luck.
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