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Novolog flex pen

how many days average can I get out of one pen?
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The pen holds 300 IU...    so how much do you take a day add in 2 IU for each injection (priming)?

divide 300 by the daily insulin used will tell you how many days a pen will last
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how many units per day are you shooting? take that number and divide into the capacity of the pen and you have your answer.
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The above comments are correct for the overall estimate if you take the same doses. My doctor has me on a sliding dose scale which depends on my pre-meal glucose readings.
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Depends on how you use your insullin.  My doctor gave me an insulin to carbohydrate ratio to use.  I use 1 unit of insulin to every 12 grams of carbs I eat.  The less carbs I eat, the less insulin I use.  I have a very physical job for four hours a day and I don't even need my Humalog when I eat lunch.  My pen generally lasts me the whole month.  My Humalog is only good for 28 - 30 days.  As far as I know, once your insulin pen is opened, that's how long most of them last no matter how much insulin you use.
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