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Should I visit the doctor? (diabetes)

I think I might have diabetes... Here's a little background knowledge about me: I am a 16 year old male who goes to high school and doesnt have the greatest diet, I often eat out and dont think about the consequences, I am not overweight at all, rather in an athletic form due the sports i used to play (i quit to focus on school). Anyways, I seem to have a lot of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes :( I always hungry/thirsty, I always have to pee, I am always tired so I sleep a lot, my injuries take long to heal/wont (ex. i have plantar fasciitis from playing sports) and more recently i have got subconjunctival hemorrhage, 2 times in one week and my eyes weren't physically harmed to cause it. My grandpa has type 2 as well. I tell my friends about this and they just call me a hypochondriac. Am I? What should I do?
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It is best to see an MD.
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Definitely go see a doctor! You should get yearly check ups and get fasting blood work. Diabetes is nothing to ignore. You could end up damaging your organs. If it is not diabetes, blood work can show other medical problems.
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